Lash Extensions, the Low Down!

There are two types of Eyelash Extensions in this world… Ones that are done well, and ones that are done badly. The former creates an illusion of full, long, healthy eyelashes whilst the latter can often resemble a colony of spiders attached to a person’s eyelid. Unfortunately, these badly done Extensions can temporarily damage the condition of eyelashes and people are put off the treatment as a result. However, this is not true of all Eyelash Extensions and there are many people who have them topped up repeatedly with no problems whatsoever. This is because the technician has good training and experience and the products used are high quality.


Eyelash Extensions are generally made out of silk. Some are made of synthetic fibres and even, in a few salons, Mink animal hair which has been treated to not cause any allergic reaction! Please note not all ‘Mink’ lashes are made of animal hair, and if they are they will specify very imageclearly on the website (for obvious reasons). Silk is the best option as it is natural, soft and as lightweight as possible, which minimises any possibility for discomfort. The effect of Eyelash Extensions is one that is unparalleled by makeup alone. The curve of the synthetic lash lifts the eyelid creating an illusion of brighter and bigger eyes. Choosing lashes of different lengths and thickness can shape the eye differently, for example using slightly longer ones in the corner can give the effect of a cat’s eyes or using a mixture of thicknesses can create a very light, feathered look. A full set of black Extensions will enhance the face a redefine the eyes, ten times more so than just a Lash Tint. With Lash Extensions, there is so much choice and an expertly trained technician should be able to achieve your desired look.

imageEyelashes have a life cycle of 90 days and regardless of any external factor, like the hair on your head, fall out. Bad Eyelash Extensions which are too heavy for the natural lash or clumped together, thus pulling the natural Lash, can cause natural Eyelashes to fall our prematurely. This then leaves a gap along the eyelid which remains until the baby eyelash comes through. This can be distressing for the client as it looks as though they have a bald patch (they are probably unaware this is only temporary), which often leads to the client swearing themselves off the Eyelash Extensions for life. A good technician will never have a client in this position, and should they notice during a top up that the client’s Lashes are not looking as fabulous as they were when they started having the Extensions, they will notify the client and suggest a break to allow the natural lashes to recover and gain strength.


Eyelash Extensions are not high maintenance, however there are guidelines, which, if followed correctly, will enhance the life span of the Extensions. These are, not getting them wet for 24 hours and not exposing them to steam from 48 hours after application, not using oil based mascara at all and when using oil free mascara, ensuring it is applied only to the tip of the lash and therefore does not accumulate in the roots of the lashes. Also it is useful to brush them daily and not wear heavy eye makeup in general. Exposure to humid environments regularly will shorten the lifespan of the Extensions. If you stick to the guidelines recommended, there is no reason why Eyelash Extensions should ever damage your own lashes, there are people out there who have been having them applied for years without any break. The fact is, if you go to an experienced therapist, there really is no downside, just less make up, less hassle and more time in bed in the morning! What’s not to love!


At Pure Beauty we have been doing Eyelash Extensions for over 6 years now and have perfected our own method for the best application. If you have any queries about Eyelash Extensions please do not hesitate to contact us on 0207 386 5686 alternatively, follow the links to our Twitter/Instagram to see some pictures of our work and details of offers.

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Get Bikini Ready!!!

Getting into that Bikini….IMG_0981[1]

This blog may seem late. Unfortunately for me I have been slaving away all summer, de-fluffing SW6 and beyond and am now in the home run and can see, smell and taste my holiday to Mexico with my best friend. Bikini fever hit as soon as I booked and I spent a ridiculous amount of money on not a lot of material. After numerous discussions with clients over the summer (most of whom were jetting off to some dreamy destination… some were just popping down to Cornwall) about the actual effort required as a prerequisite to wearing the teeny-weeny scraps of material that cover our modesty, I decided to list out all the necessary (and perhaps not so necessary) efforts so that I can tick them off, and thus feel totally comfortable when getting into my swimsuit this September.

photo 1Actual bikini-wearing preparations can start up to TWO months before ‘bikini season’ is upon us. Ideally, if you are looking to lose a few pounds and tone up, this is when you should be starting to ensure you feel fully confident for the duration of your holiday. Weight lost over a period of two months isn’t going to pile back on after a week of indulgence; However if you try a quick fix week juice cleanse and head to Italy for pasta, pizza and wine, then the effects will most probably be undone after day 3.

The principal is: Weight that is lost over time will not be regained instantly. It is very important to remember that when you are on holiday you need to be feeling your best for the duration. Those seven new bikinis are not going to wear themselves! Unfortunately for me I have only 2 weeks until I fly away so am going to have to try the ‘quick fix’. Therefore I will be condensing my two month exercise and diet regime into a quarter of the time which means stricter diet allowances and earlier rises to fit in the exercise requirements.


It is important to remember that looking good in a bikini is not about being size ‘000’ but embracing your shape and toning up as much as possible. Cellulite is also a no-no. Pilates is amazing(as long as you are going to the right place/teacher). It works that tiny muscles that contribute to changing the shape of the body and creating a soft, feminine silhouette. I already hit Paola’s Body Barre in Fulham 3 times a week for ballet inspired pilates classes and, since starting, there is a noticeable difference to my figure. People have mentioned that my butt is more round and lifted and I can feel that my waist is smaller and breasts are perter.

IMG_0923[1]As for the cellulite, the best exercise for that is Bikram Yoga, the ‘marmite’ of exercise, the one you either love or hate. I LOVE it and it is honestly amazing for cellulite. How could sweating profusely for 90 minutes whilst working all your muscles not be? You come out 3 pounds lighter for sure and with regular practice every week has banished my cellulite. Realistically this is thanks to not only the sweating but also the compression and stretching postures which allow the blood to run more smoothly through the body and therefore break up fatty deposits. Practicing Bikram also makes you drink far more water, which again flushes out any toxic build ups.

So. That’s the exercise regime sorted, I will just up my visits to Paola’s and Bikram… I should probably chuck some hard cardio in there but I am not a fan of running and I do not have a bike. However, I have just signed up to try an Insanity class in Fulham next week. It is apparently very tough but when slipping into my seafolly bikini I am sure I will be glad I did it.

So now I need to think about a diet to complement my fierce exercise regime. A juice cleanse is always the best way to start a health kick. Mainly for the reason it shrinks your stomach! It also stops any of those unwanted choccy cravings that always image-4seem to pop up then you’ve decided to embark on a path of dietary restriction. Juice cleanses also have a fantastic effect on your skin. By day three the difference is visibly noticeable. It also has a positive impact on your energy levels, which is perfect for those extra early pilates classes! Luckily, one of my clients is yoga-teacher-come-juicer-extraordinaire and is always recommending recipes and superfoods that she loves. Realistically, my life will get in the way of my regime, I am supposed to be going for an evening of pizza and prosecco tomorrow…. However I am a great believer in being good 80% of the time means 20% of the time you can be more relaxed. Unfortunately I think this mantra is more apt when one has two MONTHS to get bikini ready not two WEEKS… ah well. There are perhaps more important things in life that looking perfect on a sunny… ah who am I kidding. Aside from the juicing (and Italian feast) I will be eating lean and green as much as possible. imageThe only way to get a lean body is to eat lean. Processed foods are a no. Essential fatty oils are a must. Proteins are important to complement the work outs. Fruit and veg to nourish and help with that glowing skin I am after. Not pricey, not fussy, just honest clean food. If I fancy a treat I will no doubt pop down to the Retreat Cafe on Lettice Street where I can buy ‘virtuous’ sweet snacks- no wheat, dairy, gluten or refined sugars. Snacks include rosewater truffles and lemon and blueberry cake.

Now that my social life has gone out the window for the next two weeks in the hope I will be able to take a decent Instagram of myself doing Yoga on a Mexican beach (in accordance with the latest ‘selfie’ trend), what other steps must I take to look as good as possible in a bikini?

Waxing is an absolute must; Even if you can fit into a delicate Brazilian bikini without looking or feeling like a sausage being stuffed into it’s skin, if you have a hairy bikini line, armpits or pins that would give your boyfriend’s legs a run for your money then said boyfriend will probably go running for the hills the second you take off the kaftan. Lycon is the only way to wax, it’s as painfree as it comes, the wax is pretty (which always helps) and it takes out hairs as short as 1mm. A little more expensive than shaving but totally worth it as it leaves skin smooth and silky for up to three weeks and a leg wax will take off the top layer of dead skin cells, like a mini exfoliation.


Talking of silky smooth skin, next on my list of preparation is a full body exfoliation; Dehydrated skin inhibits the tanning process resulting in uneven colour. It also can look scaly, which let’s face it, is not a sexy look on the beach and this is the treatment to blitz any dry, dead skin for the occasion. At Pure Beauty we use BeauBronz body scrub, which has a super creamy texture to sooth whilst the granules work their magic on the dead skin cells- all you have to do is lie back and let the therapist (and the scrub) work their magic. Not only is this treatment super relaxing but afterwards you feel like your skin has been reborn. It also improves circulation and helps with cellulite.

As the therapist massages in a gorgeous scented Lycon body cream (my personal favourite is Coconut and Vanilla) you will feel for yourself just how smooth it is and when you see your glowing skin you will understand why this is holiday must-do treatment and never forgo it in future preparations!


Another dilemma faced by bikini wearers is that whilst that beautiful fluoro pink bikini looks fab on the tanned model, coming from England means that it will take more than one day to achieve the perfect colour to complement the new (and usually rather expensive) swimsuit. It is also a well know fact that a tan can create the illusion of appearing more toned among other benefits. Hence why the spray tan is a seriously popular pre-holiday beauty fix. Luckily, this is a lunchtime treatment. It takes roughly 15 minutes including drying time. Don’t be put off by horror stories of people feeling (and looking) like they have been tangoed and sprayed in mud, some tans have finally been developed to put all these other brands to shame. Such as the one we use at Pure Beauty called BeauBronz. This tan was developed specifically for English Rose skin and is formulated so that is will NEVER go orange. It is also applied with an airbrush gun and is therefore always light and even. The three step process also includes a light exfoliating spray to remove any oils from the skin (just in case you have popped out in your lunch break) and a tan lock to hydrate the skin and stop the colour coming off all over clothes and bedsheets. As tans go, this one is the best. I would know, I have pretty much tried the lot. And just in case you’re not a sun worshipper but want to keep your colour the entire week there is a range of BeauBronz colour enhancers to pop in your suitcase, including an every day gradual tanner which is unbelievably easy to use!


Now that my body is in tip top condition to hit the sand I must remember one moreimage-2 thing…. LASHES! Bizarrely one of thebest (and most secret) holiday enhancements is eyelash extensions or lifting treatment. Whichever one you go for provides the ‘no-mascara mascara’ look. Full, darker and longer lashes that are lifted from the root.Oh, did I mention that both are totally waterproof as well, unlike most mascaras! The bonus is that you inevitably need less make up as attention is drawn to the eyes. It’s a holiday winner. Both treatments take simply one hour. The Silk Eyelash Extensions are stuck to each individual lash, they then fall out naturally with your own lashes (which are hair-like on your head)!

IMG_1272[1]The lifting treatment, called Yumi lashes, involves lifting the lashes from the base around a suitably sized mould and, after the application of various solutions your lashes come away looking a bit like extensions. Except they are your own lashes! And last for 10 weeks! Amazeballs.

Now there were even more lengths some clients mentioned going to, however neither this blog or the two weeks I had to prepare were long enough to include them. I will take enormous pleasure as I look around the beach in the knowledge that most of these ladies have probably put just as much effort into looking natural as I have. Then I will see some guy who has just chucked on his trunks… Maybe had a shave… AH! Typical eh.

photo 2, 70 Rosaline Road, SW6 7QT, 25 Heathmans Road, SW6 4TJ, @londoninsaniacs, 11-12 Lettice Street SW6 4EH

Image Skincare ILLUMA Launch

Iluma 2

Image event 7 Iluma







The Pure Beauty girls recently attended Image Skincare’s launch of their new product line ILUMA.

The IMAGE Skincare system is available exclusively through licensed physicians and aestheticians who are highly trained and educated in individual skincare programmes.

Image event 3

image event 4











Skin Geeks is the UK distributor of IMAGE. Their team is small, however the account managers/distributors go out of their way to ensure you are happy with the service they provide, and are lovely people and fabulous hosts, which is a bonus to the already amazing array of products!

IMAGE sets the bar as, in our opinion, one of the highest calibre skin care products on the market. Aimed at beauty and medical professionals, this brand, which is absolutely massive in America, combines delivering results with pleasing textures and aromas. There is a line to suit every skin type. There is even an Organic Ormedic range for those who are super conscious about what they put on their skin.


The event was aimed at beauty professionals to introduce them to the new line of products, ILUMA, and also discuss the changes that had been made to their existing products. There was also a big focus on the importance of looking after our skin and the dangers that are around that we might not be aware of. The presentation was delivered so clearly and in such an engaging way that we came away having consolidated our own previous experiences, and gaining a knowledge of new ideas and a wealth of advice which we are going to share with you!
The Science Bit
Pigmentation is caused by various factors such as UVA rays, heat and hormones. The most obvious source is the sun or sunbeds, however actually, heat damage which leads to pigmentation, can be traced back to more common sources, for example Hot yoga; although the internal health benefits are fantastic, it actually encourages pigmentation because of the heat involved, especially with more sensitive skin types. Similarly, the light from the screens of laptops or televisions can also trigger abnormal skin-coloration. Hormonal imbalances caused by pregnancy or stress can also lead to pigmentation, which people with acne are prone to as well.

So what can we do to prevent this from happening? Cancel all our Hot yoga sessions and never look at a laptop again?! No! The answer is simple – SPF and Illuma lightening serum. The bottom layer of our skin is made up of something called Melanocytes which, when balanced, are what makes our skin happy. However, after years of over exposure to triggering factors, the melanocytes can stop working altogether or start over-working, the result of which is PIGMENTATION. The Image Illuma Lightening Serum relaxes the melanocyte so they don’t go into overdrive! SPF protects skin from all of these outside factors that cause the skin to produce pigmentation. When applying SPF, it’s really important to remember to come up right underneath the eyes. A lot of people when putting on SPF stop just above their cheeks and leave the entire area around the eye unprotected. So now you know this, put it in to practice in time for summer – it’s a great beauty tip!
Another point covered was how smoking affects the skin. Smoking, as we know, is not only bad for your health but it also reduces the oxygen flow under the skin by 25%. Smoking narrows the tiny blood vessels in the outermost skin layers, which decreases blood flow, contributing to the withering of your skin. It also decreases the collagen production within the skin as well as stopping the absorption of vitamin C, which is the most powerful antioxidant naturally produced and has amazing anti-aging properties. Our beauty tip for this would be try and stay as healthy you can, and don’t smoke if you want optimum results!


The Illuma range is fantastic for EVERY skin type. Everyone in today’s world of technology, tanning, and training hard is prone to pigmentation; UVA and UVB rays are everywhere we turn! The serum itself is so light it absorbs straight into the skin and thus is perfect for oily, or can be complemented with a richer moisturiser for dryer skins. Even using the cleanser with other products will make a marked difference to the skins ageing process. The hand cream is perfect for those shellac addicts who bare their skin to UVA rays every two weeks…(don’t worry-we’re guilty of this too!) The composition of the cream protects with SPF and balances out the over-working cells that are a result of exposure to UV lighting. All in all a fantastic range, from a fantastic brand!
So that’s the science bit over with, now back to the launch!
This was our introduction to ILUMA, the new range of products from IMAGE. As mentioned, the ethos behind this particular range was to prevent pigmentation and brighten the skin with the products. The range consists of a body cream, hand cream, face cream, cleanser and a serum. Having had the chance to test these products, the feel of them going on to your skin is so silky and luxurious, and the aroma is absolutely intoxicating. With the guarantee to prevent pigmentation and leave your skin feeling and looking brighter and fresh, what is there not to love about the ILUMA range?

Image event 8

Image event 6









After the presentation, we had the chance to go through the full list of products and place an order. Here at Pure Beauty we are a big fan of the IMAGE O2 Facial so that was top of our list! After a few glasses of bubbly and having had a lovely evening chatting to the Skin Geeks Team catching up with Don, and of course Terina who is the absolutely fabulous representative, (for any salons reading this, ask to speak to her!) we left with a goody bag in tow and looking forward to the arrival of our order!

image event 5

See our website,, for our latest offer on the Image O2 facial!

NB : Skin Geeks also are the distributors of AQ Skin Solutions, another great product range, but that is another story for another day and ANOTHER blog!

Paola’s Body Barre Launch Party

This is Pure Beauty’s very first blog, and we have dedicated it to our loyal client Paola Di Lanzo who is a first class Pilates instructor, and who, last Friday, launched the hottest new fitness studio in Fulham – Paola’s Body Barre.
Already an uber successful trainer for many years, she has been working very hard for the last year to achieve her dream, and the results are amazing! If you need any Pilates, TRX or Barre classes, or a variety of dynamic fusion dance classes – look no further than PBB!

The studio is a beautifully light and airy space designed perfectly for her schedule of sessions, and the vintage style décor and furnishings give it a really unique and stylish feel.

paola's 1

Paola's 3paola's 2

For the launch night Paola and her lovely assistant Tracey both had their eyelash extensions applied by Pure Beauty technicians. Pure Beauty lashes are perfect for any special occasion, for further information take a peek here!
Back to the night of the launch – as we walked in and there was a fierce taster dance class going on which got everybody into the party mood! Our attention was immediately drawn to an interesting glass decanter on top of the bar containing a pink drink that everyone at the party were sampling! A blend of gin and pomegranate which became a big talking point throughout the night – it was so delicious! Definitely a firm favourite here at Pure Beauty! 🙂 Presented in a beautifully designed square glass bottle, it wouldn’t have looked out of place in our salon!
Pure Beauty are considering putting in an order for this faaaaabulous natural liquor for our “girl’s night in” group offers! Need to find a safe hiding place for it though before the staff get their hands on it! 🙂

pink drink

It was brilliant to see our clients and friends there to support Paola– our very own VIP the glamorous Lizzie Cundy attended the event, and was her usual charming sociable self. She’ll be starting her classes at PBB in the near future!


The canapés were as delicious as they looked, and many of Paola’s circle provided food for the evening. Charlotte Knight founder of G’Nosh , another lovely client of ours, had supplied some of the yummy canapés that were going around – Hilary and I couldn’t resist a little try of all of them!
Once the drinks were flowing, the very gorgeous and charismatic Fabrizio, led a taster class of a fusion style of Zumba and Dance, which of course we joined in with! If there’s one thing we like at Pure Beauty – it’s a bit of boogying!

girls               photo 3 (3) girls 2

Overall the night was a big success, and we even did a bit of celeb spotting with an appearance from Made In Chelsea’s Proudlock and Caggie.
Paola has been a client of ours for many years, and this is what she has to say about Pure Beauty then and now:
Hey there!
I wanted to make sure I made the effort to put this review up as I have been going to Pure Beauty since they opened their doors. Hilary and her girls are so lovely and welcoming.
I live locally and have tried numerous salons throughout Fulham, Kensington and Chelsea and can categorically say Pure Beauty are the best I’ve been to in the area.
Inna (beauty therapist) is the best in the business when it comes to waxing and eye-lashes!!!!! Being a private Pilates teacher it is imperative that I stay groomed and looking good…… so I can thank the team at Pure Beauty for this.
They also do a fantastic pedicure, facial and massage.
Please check it out for yourself…….our little gem in Fulham!”